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Becoming a Locksmith

 Locksmithing is best learned in an apprentice or classroom setting where students can practice with the correct equipment. There are several locksmith schools in Southern California, but none currently operating in Northern California.  If you are interested in learning to be a locksmith,visit local locksmiths and talk with them about what kind of experience and education they would require. Find out what starting wages are in your area. Some locksmiths are willing to train a new employee - find out whether you qualify.  In order to obtain a locksmith license in California, you must have a clean police record. That means no felonies that involve crimes against people or property (domestic violence, shoplifting, theft, grand theft, assault, or burglary to name a few). They will check your police record with the California Department of Justice and the FBI. Felonies in other states will show up in the background check. 

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Locksmith Licensing in California

 The State of California's Department of Consumer Affairs, through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), issues licenses and regulates the locksmith industry. There are two types of licenses, one for business owners and one for employees. Locksmiths who work with customers must be licensed.Locksmiths who charge more than $500 for any single job are also required to have a license from the Contractor's State License Board (CSLB).Califolrnia business owners register with the Franchise Tax Board and obtain a resale tax ID.In most jurisdictions business owners must obtain a business license. If they are working out of their home, in the case of a mobile locksmith, they may need to get special permission for a home occupancy business as well. Check with the City or County Clerk where the business is located to get information on obtaining a business license. 

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How To File A Complaint

 The Department of Consumer Affairs through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services acts on complaints about locksmith businesses.You can file a complaint in three ways, by phone, online (see below) or by mail. Go to the BSIS Complaint page for more information.To file online, choose the BSIS Resolution Center located closest to you below, and click on the link for the form.

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Unless you file your complaint anonymously, a BSIS representative will contact you within 30 days by mail to let you know your complaint was received.
Complaints by consumers may include unlicensed locksmiths, not providing a written estimate, charging more than the written estimate, misleading advertising.By law, anyone may file a complaint about a locksmith business, including other locksmiths. 

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