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In some cases, safes become damaged when performing safe delivery and installation. Safe handles can get bent which may require the locksmith to drill your safe open rather than cracking it with other traditional methods. Homeowners with fireproof safes and gun safes need not fear, the professionals at 1-800-Unlocks can get you into your safe.
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If a safe needs to be drilled to get it open, a properly trained safe technician is likely to drill one or two holes. A locksmith without proper training might drill multiple holes, and might actually make a unit un-usable.
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However this allows the customer to save money and time while being able to continue to use their safe to keep their valuables secure. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to have a trained locksmith come out to open your safe make sure you ask a few questions before they come out.
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Servicing a safe may seem unnecessary but we see many safes every day with faulty digital pads, hard to use combination locks or worn out keys on safe key locks. We at Terrys Locksmith Service have a division to open safes Gold Coast Our safe service includes safe opening, safe servicing, safe repairs or upgrades and of course sales of new and used safes.
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In reality, whether you forgot the combination or are unable to open the safe because of mechanical problems, its best to call a trusted locksmith to avoid damaging the lock and making it more difficult to open or repair. There are a few techniques that a professional locksmith can employ to troubleshoot the problem and get the safe open.
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Are you trying to open a locked safe? or maybe youve lost the keys to your safe or forgot the combination and you cant unlock it, then contact a locksmith to open your safe to see if they can help.
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The method is like that of drilling, but it involves inserting a bore-scope into a small hole that has been drilled by the locksmith. The bore-scope will give the locksmith an idea on how to open the lock of the safe.
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We specialise in residential and commercial locksmith services and can undertake a number of safe procedures. Whether you need us to repair safes, change locks or open safes of any nature, we have the personnel, equipment and experience to deliver.
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Even the proper combination will not open the safe once the re-locker has been activated. Hire a locksmith or a safe technician. This will save you money in the long run because they can typically open the safe without causing permanent damage to it.

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