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Licence vs. License Grammarly.
The financial services board revoked the licence for allegedly serious transgressions. Another 20 banks are in talks with the Bank of England about receiving a licence to launch in Britain, as the wave of new competition in the industry shows no signs of slowing down.
License Wikipedia.
9 The licence is the prisoner's' agreement to maintain certain conditions, such as periodic reporting in to a probation officer and only living at an approved address, in exchange for their early release. If they break the conditions of the licence, they can be recalled" returned to prison.
licence Wiktionary.
In British English, Canadian English, Irish English, Australian English, South African English, and New Zealand English the noun is spelled licence and the verb is license. The spelling licence is not used for either part of speech in the United States.
Gaming Commission.
Licence A A. Licence B B. Licence F1 F2 F1. Licence G1 G2. JHKS Website english folder The commission Competences Licences and Sanctions Licence B B. Slot machine arcades. A total of 180 B licences may be issued by the Gaming Commission on Belgian territory.
Is it license or licence? Future Perfect.
We can use this to our advantage: another way of knowing which to use is to replace the practice or licence word you want with advice or advise this will tell you whether you need the c or the s spelling.
LICENCE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
If there is any delay, the licence holder can be fined. grant/issue a licence The council granted a licence that allowed the premises to stay open until 3 am. have/ hold /get a licence. own/ apply for/ renew a licence.

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