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4 External links. Haulage fees, sometimes also simply called haulage, include the charges made for hauling freight on carts, drays, lorries, or trucks, and is incorporated for example in the cost of loading raw ore at a mine site and transporting it to a processing plant.
Improve road haulage rules for industry, drivers and the environment, says Commission Mobility and Transport.
Improve road haulage rules for industry, drivers and the environment, says Commission. Improve road haulage rules for industry, drivers and the environment, says Commission. The Vice-President of the European Commission Siim Kallas, responsible for transport, has called for simplification and clarification of EU rules on road haulage.
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The Sun 2013. WHAT is the matter with the haulage bosses whose drivers regularly cross the Channel? The Sun 2015. I'd' have gone into the family haulage business. Times, Sunday Times 2008. I work for a haulage company in an all-female office.
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There is room this year as in the past for more traditional industries, such as engineering and vehicle manufacture as well as transport and haulage. haulage costs/rates/services Haulage costs are being cut and delivery times speeded up because of easier customs regulations.
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From Longman Business Dictionary haulage haulage / hldhl / British English, hauling / hlh / American English noun uncountable COMMERCE TRANSPORT the business of carrying goods by road or rail Rail freight charges are high compared with those of road haulage.
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We understand the importance of critical infrastructures that allow the nation to live on a day to day basis and are proud to be a key provider of oversized goods to power stations and substations all across the UK ElectricalEngineering infrastructure haulage
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suction, transit, transport, shipment, shipping, grip, purchase, stress, strain, pull, absorption, stretch, drag, adherence, adhesion, suck, contraction, drawing, constriction, draught. Example sentences from the Web for haulage. Cement, including freight and haulage, cost 1.97 per barrel. Concrete Construction Halbert P.
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Heavy Haulage Trucks Market Projections Deliver Positive Revenue Growth during the Period between 20. Summary: Increased spending on infrastructure projects coupled with higher freight load, especially during the festive seasons in the country, has ensured higher sales of heavy haulage trucks.

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